In collaboration with:

We accelerate your journey
towards net zero emissions

We’ve built a state-of-the-art platform that unites the ecosystem to help you reach your climate goals. With all data in one place and as effectively and effortlessly as possible.

In collaboration with progressive Swedish companies we have built a platform that lets you:


Automate data
collection & validation

Invite your co-workers and suppliers to share their data and keep track of the data consolidation progress.

Focus your efforts on
your emission hot spots

Start with the data you have at hand and focus your data collection efforts where emissions are high and data quality is low.

Lower Emissions-1

Simulate options to
lower your emissions

We help simulate process and product improvements and visualize how much you can lower your carbon footprint by doing things slightly differently. For example, exchange one product part for another, or a carrier for one using all electric vehicles.


Engage your value chain
and collaborate to reach
common goals

Make climate data simple and engaging for your suppliers and customers, by getting access to easy data management and sharing tooling.


Our journey is at an early stage; we are currently just a few employees and we've just received initial funding, but in the future, we see ourselves as a global SaaS company, facilitating business collaboration to accelerate all the UN sustainable development goals. Our first focus, however, is Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13) and Partnership for the Goals (17).

Sustainability permeates everything we do, from how we furnish our office and encourage our employees to be their whole selves to how we design our license model and choose our KPIs. We believe in a flat organization inspired by Teal principles and The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek.

Co-founded with:


Tove Nilstun

Digital twin visionary and passionate about people and climate. Also CEO.


Johan Teleman

Climate warrior with a long-term tech-addiction. CTO.


Joana Fernandes

Plant whisperer with a curious mind. All things Design.


Mehmet Ali Arslan

Music enthusiast. Trying to be a compassionate fellow human. Also backend developer.


Johan Ylikiiskilä

Juggler of kids, numbers and react components. Musician and social being. Frontend developer.


Antun Badurina

Former dungeon master who now tells stories via user interfaces.