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At The Ontology Way we fight climate change by helping our customers track and reduce their emissions. Our software provides an intuitive understanding of any company’s emissions through clear visualizations, analyses and explorable structures. This understanding helps companies drive initiatives to reduce their emissions where they can have the most impact. At the heart of our solution lies a whole-company digital twin and streamlining the data collection process. We serve our customers through a SaaS offering. Our immediate focus is launching the product as a pilot, and we want to extend the team.

We value:

  • Openness to new ideas and technology
  • Putting others first
  • Incremental improvement

What we offer:

  • A real possibility to change the world for the better.
  • Great influence over the software foundation.
  • A creative environment with a focus on innovation.
  • A decent salary and equity in the company.
  • An open-minded and relaxed atmosphere where any thought can be ventilated and discussed.
  • A workplace where the well-being of the team is highly prioritized.

Our journey is at an early stage; we are currently just a few employees and we've just received initial funding, but in the future, we see ourselves as a global SaaS company, facilitating business collaboration to accelerate all the UN sustainable development goals. Our first focus, however, is Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Climate Action (13) and Partnership for the Goals (17).

Sustainability permeates everything we do, from how we furnish our office and encourage our employees to be their whole selves to how we design our license model and choose our KPIs. We believe in a flat organization inspired by Teal principles and an infinite game!

Group 17 (1)

Frontend Developer

We’re looking for a front-end developer with an eye for UX design.

We’re looking for a front-end developer to blow life into our emission-tracking application to give our customers the data and support they need to reduce their emissions. You should put customer value first and have professional experience in front-end frameworks like react/node.js/vue.js. A bonus if you enjoy data visualization with, for example, d3.js. You should be able to fill in the gaps and implement a design without having full specs.

You’ll work closely with customers, product owners and designers to help shape the product into the best emission-reduction tool on the planet.